Zbrush modeling hard surface

zbrush modeling hard surface

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Any type 2D 3D Technique. Before starting modeling with topology, we must understand this simple concept, modeilng maintaining quads in well as many of the parts and components of it, to achieve the highest level of realism possible.

The ideal thing before starting is to try to have all the possible references, as an orderly way so that when we apply a subdivision to the model it maintains a beautiful curve.

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  • zbrush modeling hard surface
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JustinBarrett JustinBarrett February 25, , am 5. And last but not least use alpha masks when necessary. Just wondering if any of you have used Zbrush for hard surface modeling. IMO there is very little reason to sculpt your hard surfaces in Blender when you can model them. The guy was extruding, intersecting, subtracting, beveling� pretty much what you would do in Blender to make that kind of model.