Depth map zbrush

depth map zbrush

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Click the Depth Cue Alpha to be rendered with different levels of bluriness at different.

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Depth map imported as alpha, alpha to mesh Zbrush
Oct 10, - Explore John Wundes's board "depth maps" on Pinterest. See more ideas about grayscale image, grayscale, zbrush. How can I create a coloured depth map like this in ZB? I need to be able to assign colours to specific 'layers' of relief depth - e.g. 'green'. Video creato dallo staff del Forum in cui si vedono i passaggi di come ottenere una depth map di un rilievo.
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Type in the Z depth directly or click and drag from the slider to the canvas to pick a depth. White areas give the strongest depth cue effect, black areas give no effect. I still need a solution for Cinema4D export as I have some amazing tiling models I created that have a depth shader on them.