How to start a new project in zbrush

how to start a new project in zbrush

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how to set up image planes in zbrush

how to open and save a zbrush file - how to open a zbrush file - how to Save a zbrush file
Open. The File Open button will open an previously saved Project (ZPR format). � SaveAs. The Save As button will save everything that is in the document into a. You can hit the comma key on your keyboard to open that up. And if you go into Project, and double click on "1defaultcustom" or whatever you. Hi I am looking for the simple function �open new scene/project�. I have already found the function clear canvas CTRL+N but still my old subtools remain.
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Save As enables you to save this document to a file using a different name. This will make the selected level the lowest one, after which you can return to the highest and Freeze Subdivision Levels. By copying the detail one subdivision level at a time, you will have more control over the projected results. The Save button saves the current Spotlight to disk. File palette.